Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lamingtons Galore

Be Gorgeous High Tea

The annual fundraising high tea for Be Gorgeous held on the 25 May. This year they raised money for the flood affected women from Gayndah, Queensland. 

It was a really amazing event. It was great to see the generosity and the creativity in the room. Ladies decorated their tablets so beautifully for the high tea. A quilt was made for auction. All the delicacy for the high tea - sandwiches, cupcakes, chocolate slices, and of course my lamingtons.

These little lamingtons was 3cm x 3cm, I thought they were big at first, until I cut it... The sponge was very soft and it was hard to have a clean cut when there is fresh cream and raspberry jam in it. Oh well... I seem to always pick the challenging dish. Patience Patience... one by one, cut it and dipped it in the chocolate sauce, rolled in the coconut. 100 lamingtons later (I think I probably made 102, but the other 2 ended up in my stomach), they are really! 

Pig in Mud

The "Mud" cake

A lot of you probably have seen the "pig in mud" cake on Facebook or Google image. Someone has asked me to make one for a birthday - I was pumped!!

However, to make it a bit different to all the other "mud" cakes. I wanted to be creative. I thought may be I could but a Hawaiian pig with sunnies or a pig flowing in the mud bath with a drink... or at the very last minute, let's invite Miss Piggy to the pool party!!

To make Miss Piggy wasn't as hard as I thought really - the makeup was more the challenge!


A week of tiramisu!!!!!

Last year I was wanting learn how to make flowers and kept thinking I should enrol in some course. With the busy schedule with work and traveling (no more traveling, need to save some money now)... anyway... I never enrolled in anything :(

A friend asked me to make a tiramisu cake for her mom's birthday. Tiramisu is easy, until she said "can you put some flowers on it? anything is fine..." Flowers, I can't use the fondant flowers like the one I made for the cupcakes... what should I do now @_@"??????

Well, I have seen the chocolate roses on some tiramisu cakes, looks really elegant and pretty. I thought may be I could YouTube some tutorials and create something different! (Light bulb moment).

My local cake shop does not sell chocolate moulding paste, so I had to make my own. Not much of a drama, some chocolate and some glucose syrup later - I am in business!

I made the dark chocolate roses for this tiramisu cake. I had some gold dust, I thought I could sprinkle on it to make it looks beautiful. This is the finished product!

Later in the week, I was asked to make another tiramisu. So I used white chocolate this time. Viola!!! Practice makes perfect - this saying is SOOO true lol.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

PS3 characters

Sackboy and Pikachu hanging on my little planet
 Sackboy and Pikachu

I love when a client ask me to make something that I have no idea what is about. With the help of the Internet, there is nothing you can't find. 

Sackboy is a character from the Little Big Planet game from the PS3. He is quite an adventurous character I think. He has a lot of facial expression and different outfits, which makes it hard to pick which one I should make for the cake. While Pikachu, I am quite familiar with, since I grown up watching the cartoon.

One of the things from the Little Big Planet is the PLANET - I decided to take the adventurous path with my sackboy - to create a planet for this cake. 

The client wanted a green tea cake. I trialled 3 times to get the cake right - for the flavour and the consistence of the cake. Anyway, you may think the decoration is the hardest part of this cake. I think making the cake itself is harder in this one.


Who love cupcake??

Alice in Wonderland - Mad hatters tea party

Giant cupcake

Hello Kitty Cupcake
Hello Kitty Giant Cupcake

A friend who loves cupcake so much has asked me to make her a birthday cake. She loves Hello Kitty, so the theme was Hello Kitty... and the rest of the instruction was "surprise me". 

I put the two ideas together, cupcake + Kitty = giant cupcake. 

I did not buy the cake tin (although it would make life easier), but I used what I've got. A 6" tin and my sphere cake tin. It was a good chance for me to use this expensive Wilton cake tin, which I don't use often (hint: order some ball cakes, like basketball, tennis ball, baseball etc THANK YOU)

For the surprise element, I created a rainbow marble cake, which is a cake made out of 6 different colours. This surprise was well received. I tried very hard to keep this little secret until she cut the cake open!

The surprise element - the rainbow coloured cake (madeira cake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate ganache)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Oi Oi Oi...

To celebrate Australia Day this year. I made some lamington with my cousins.

Lamington really is a sponge cake with chocolate sauce and coconut. Sounds simple, but, because it is sooooo simple, which makes it hard or I should say harsh when it comes to judgement. 

You want the lamington so light and fluffy and chew without effort. 

This is perfect for morning tea or afternoon tea. Or if you have functions at work, need catering, LET ME KNOW!!! 

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